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Portfolio Management – benefit by a disciplined approach of selecting investments to help you pursue your goals

Risk Tolerance Analysis – insure that your portfolio is designed to move within your own comfort zone

Asset Allocation – identifying the allocation of Stocks & Bonds, that is most-appropriate for you

Manage your investment costs – benefit by using lower-cost methods of investing to keep more your profit for yourself & family

Performance Evaluations – face-to-face meetings to review your performance versus the both the benchmarks and your personal goals

Manage your Employee Stock Options – understanding how your options work and the implications of holding or selling your options

Investments offered – Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, Separately Managed Accounts, Index Mutual Funds, Managed Exchange Traded Funds, Stocks, Bonds & Alternative Investments, Structured Notes, as well as investments for Accredited Investors

Investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy, including asset allocation assures success or protects against loss.

Building Your Wealth

Wealth Management Services Offered

  • Understand “where your money goes” to get your finances on track!

  • Get ready for educating your children

  • Create positive goals to meet your dreams for the future

  • Comprehensive Retirement Planning, or “When can I retire?”

  • Understanding and managing your marginal tax bracket to avoid paying “extra” taxes

Getting Organized

Financial Planning

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Estate Planning

Preserving Your Wealth

Estate Planning Strategies - position your wealth to transition smoothly tor the next generation

Tax Strategies – focus on maximizing wealth to be passed to the next generation, while reducing taxes for everyone involved

Distribution Strategies – explore trusts, tax-free life insurance benefits and tax-fee step-up’s in basis to reduce the total tax bill across both you and your heirs

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Making Your Money Last

Wealth for Life

Managing your Distribution - ensure your distributions don’t cause you to run out of money

Manage your taxes – tax management to increase after-tax income

Financial Planning – uncovering changes to your budget and liabilities to help make your money last longer

Distribution Strategies – design a distribution strategy based on “selling high” and “buying low”

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